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Picture Attributed to Cornelia Connelly 01

Title: Picture Attributed to Cornelia Connelly 01 
Source: European Province Archives/Heritage Room 
Keywords: scheurmay 
Download: schools/SCH-EUR-MAY-06a.jpg
Description: St. Leonards - Mayfield, Mayfield, Sussex, England. Originally Mayfield School of the Holy Child. "August 15 1980 This picture used to be in Mayfield until the nuns returned to Neuilly after the first World War when rue Perronet was opened in 1921 by Rev. Mother Mary Theresa Walton, Rev. Mother Mary Frances Tholhieust (sp?), being Rev. Mother General; this picture was given to that Neuilly foundation by R. Mary Frances that this house may possess a momento of Rev. Mother Foundress, the picture being  attributed to her. This was told to me and to the first and successive communities of the Holy Child Convent in Neuilly by Mother Mary S. Maurice Reconig (sp?) who was the companion of Rev. Mother Mary Theresa when the house was opened: (M. M. Maurice S was  in charge of rue Perronet after Rev. Mother Theresa returned to England) - Later on, M.M. S. Maurice became the superior of Neuilly. During the second World War this picture was rescued and carefully preserved by a friend...returned to us and until the closing of Neuilly in 1975 was always hanging in the front hall of the house as it had been from 1921 to 1940. - Sr. Marie Pierre Rubeaux, SHCJ." (Note on back of picture.)
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