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Cornelia Connelly Curriculum - Grades 7-12
The purpose of the Cornelia Connelly Curriculum is to assist teachers and students to learn about the life of Cornelia Connelly - her words, values and legacy and the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

There are lessons and resources about Cornelia and the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. In addition, there are lesson suggestions that encourage aspects of Cornelia and Holy Child to be integrated into all disciplines. This will enable everyone, both students and teachers, to understand Cornelia and her educational philosophy within the context of the total school program.

Below is an outline or guide for studying Cornelia Connelly. It includes an overall goal, essential questions, and objectives designed to guide teachers in presenting and incorporating Cornelia into the curriculum. In addition, teachers can find photos, documents and resources that have implications across the curriculum in the other areas of this website (see links to the left).

To understand the life, philosophy, spirituality and legacy of Cornelia Connelly in the context of the charism of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Essential Questions
1.    What makes a woman of the past relevant today?
2.    What experiences are relevant in a person’s journey to faith?
3.    What personal qualities are essential to make a difference in the world?
4.    How does one recognize one’s true vocation?

I.    The students will understand the life of Cornelia Connelly.
II.    The students will analyze the spiritual struggles Cornelia encountered on her life’s journey.
III.    The students will understand the circumstances of the founding of the SHCJ and Cornelia’s vision for the Society.
IV.    The students will explore the cosmopolitan legacy of Cornelia Connelly today.
V.    Students will discover their own role in the ongoing legacy of the Society.

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