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Cornelia Connelly Curriculum - Nursery through Sixth Grade

The purpose of the Cornelia Connelly Curriculum is to assist educators in teaching about the life of Cornelia Connelly - her words, values and legacy. The curriculum is developmental in approach and age appropriate for the very young child as well as the young adult.

The framework for the curriculum in Pre-K – Grade 6 consists of two books, Coloring Cornelia: The Life of Cornelia Connelly 1809-1879  by Anne M. Wood and produced by Holy Child Academy, Drexel Hill and A Generous Love: The Life of Cornelia Connelly by Catie McElwee and published by Casa Cornelia Publications. Sixth grade will also use Yes Lord, Always Yes by Elizabeth Mary Strub, SHCJ
These books provide visual representations of Cornelia’s life and story to the very young.

Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten will receive the coloring book that will stay with each child as the child progresses through the grades. Only certain pages of the books will be used in a given grade. Each year the children will learn more and more about the life of Cornelia Connelly. Aspects of Cornelia’s life will be introduced at an age-appropriate time and in an age-appropriate manner.

The themes of the curriculum are: Cornelia’s life; her values, Holy Child Schools, quotes of Cornelia and geographic knowledge of places important to Cornelia’s story and the Society.

This collection has been developed to serve as a resource for teachers and students. The resources include, among other things, photos, quotations of Cornelia, a glossary of terms, prayers, and activities that will assist in the teaching about Cornelia Connelly.
Current websites which are excellent resources for learning more about Cornelia, the Society and Holy Child schools and ministries are: www.holychildschools.org and www.shcj.org. The latter website is that of the Society. There is value in exploring the subheadings for each province: American, European and African. You will find succinct histories of Cornelia Connelly, the Society, and its mission. These sites are excellent and will help you deepen your knowledge of Cornelia’s life and her legacy.

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